Joseph C. Hoffman, Jr.


Mr. Hoffman, a named member of the FHP law firm, has, for the past 27 years, represented Taft-Hartley benefit plans in all areas of litigation, plan design, ERISA compliance and general operational issues. Mr. Hoffman also directs the firm’s delinquent contribution collection and subrogation recovery programs that have resulted in millions of dollars in recoveries for the firm’s trust fund clients.  

Mr. Hoffman serves as fund counsel for Taft-Hartley health care, pension, and annuity trust funds in the building, construction, trucking, warehouse, long shore, and other industries.  

In addition to his litigation experience, Mr. Hoffman represents clients in IRS and DOL audits, attends executive board and trustee meetings, prepares and reviews organizational documents, and prepares and files for IRS favorable tax status determination letters. 

Mr. Hoffman has degrees from Kent State University (B.A., Cum Laude, 1988), and The University of Akron School of Law (J.D., 1991). Mr. Hoffman is licensed in all courts in the state of Ohio. He is licensed to practice in the Northern and Southern District Courts of Ohio, as well as the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Mr. Hoffman has argued cases before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as winning cases in the U.S. District Courts. His areas of success include withdrawal liability, recovering delinquent contributions, resolving coordination of benefits, and upholding trustee decisions on benefit claims. Mr. Hoffman is a frequent speaker at continuing legal education conferences, as well as for contractor associations, labor organizations, and employee benefit trust funds.